Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rocket Fuel Dump

While taking out the trash one night I noticed what I thought to be a VERY bright comet. Excitedly I tried to get online to identify. My family got excited if only by my excitement and upon returning I found it moved VERY far relative to the background stars. Confirming this with some binoculars I grabbed my camera, a Canon XTi with the following settings for the attached shot.

ISO 1600
200mm fl

The URL has an animated sequence in shockwave format which was taken with the same setup and these settings: (~20MB in size)

ISO 1600
28mm fl

Keep in mind this is probably not an artifact as it was tripod mounted. You see a tree branch in the upper left that doesn't move from frame to frame and the object moves different than the hazy and clouds do!?

Could this be a glowing gas caused by a meteorite? Direction of the *object* was relatively in the NW of my local area and it seems that the 'tail' heads back to the zenith / east?

Time of sequence was ~2007-12-10T07:05:26 to 2007-12-10T07:12:41

My local lat & long is ~ 78W by 35N

Good reference:

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